CNN Anchor Don Lemon Reveals New Haircut and Twitter Goes IN!!!


Don Lemon has a magical way of bringing the best out of Black Twitter. It’s a love hate relationship really. Black twitter loves to hate on  his halfhearted attempts at Black authenticity. So after debuting this House Party, sweat suit, dookie rope chain, circa 1992 haircut, Lemon had the audacity to ask Twitter what they thought!

Oh, Black Twitter went in and let have. They even created a hashtag titled #DonLemonLooksLike.

These are my favorites.

@ButtaBaby #DonLemonLooksLike he’s down wit O.P.P.

@clintonyates Man, #donlemonlookslike he didn’t have the hair for No. 24 so settled for No. 22.


@darlngal #DonLemonLooksLike he’s too legit to quit!

@boomer4568  #donlemonlookslike if he falls in love again, he’ll be sure that the lady is a friend

@KHough09 #DonLemonLooksLike a Karl Kani model.
@NaijaWarrior #DonLemonLooksLike he just got a loan from Nino Brown
@BeezHunny #DonLemonLooksLike he tries to slide his own name at the end of the “Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike” rap.

@brokeymcpoverty #donlemonlookslike that time Calvin got a job at McDonald’s

@desusnice #donlemonlookslike Khadijah’s new intern at Flavor magazine

@SirSeriousBlack #DonLemonLooksLike he’s headed to Hillman College

@kiajd #DonLemonLooksLike he’s been hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.

@NaijaWarrior #DonLemonLooksLike he tryna make you JUMP JUMP

@NaijaWarrior #DonLemonLooksLike he had one little fight and his mom got scared.

@NaijaWarrior #DonLemonLooksLike He just graduated from Cooley High


and my personal favorite…

@vchandler10: #donlemonlookslike Iesha was the girl that he never had


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