Khandi Alexander Will Play Olivia Pope’s Mom on Scandal

Khandi Alexander

 Veteran award-winning actress/choreographer/dancer  Khandi Alexander will play Olivia Pope’s mother, Maya Lewis, on the ABC primetime drama Scandal beginning Thursday. Alexander is known for her long running roles on TremeCSI: Miami,Newsradio, and ER, as well as for her compelling work on HBO’s The Corner, and in films like CB4Menace II SocietyPoetic Justice, and Sugar Hill.
While she’s not one of the blockbuster names Gladiators expected, like Angela Basset, I’m sure Mrs. Lewis will ace the role. Afterall, creator Shonda Rhimes has never miscast anyone on Scandal.
Scandal is a prime time political thriller starring Kerry Washington that airs on Thursday nights, at 10pm, on ABC. The series is enjoying its best season ever, in terms of ratings.

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