5 Reasons Single Women Should See The Best Man Holiday


The Best Man is one of my favorite movies, so my expectations for the sequel were high.  The Best Man Holiday surpassed them. The movie was well-written, funny, sexy, poignant, and very emotional. As I sit down to write this, Thursday evening, two hours after watching the movie, I am still fighting  back tears.  Don’t judge me.

I was fourteen when the original movie debuted and enamored by the Black  upscale lifestyle portrayed in the film. Let’s face it, films that depict the sophisticated Black elite are rare, so this movie was bound to be an instant classic. At 14, I saw my future. My teenage self aspired to be like Jordan (Nia Long) strutting the streets of New York in fabulous cashmere coats, calling shots and ascending the ranks of network television. I also developed my first celebrity crush  on actor Morris Chestnut and a life-long weakness for  chocolate men.

But watching the cast reunite on-screen was a lot different this time around. As a twenty-something woman tasked with  negotiating my place in the world and trying to find someone decent to spend my life with, the story-line wasn’t  aspirational, so much as it was  inspirational.

The characters have aged some, and while they  are all still fabulous (and wrinkle free),  they are learning to cope with life’s unexpected hurdles.This movie has far more substance than the original. It contains a powerful message about friendship, faith and  love, and unlike the typical Tyler Perry extravaganza, it doesn’t hit you over the head with it.

Everyone should see this movie, but if you are a woman living the single life, this movie just  may bring clarity to your romantic situation.

Here are the five lessons I took away from The Best Man Holiday.


As the characters drive up to football player Lance Sullivan’s palatial estate for a holiday reunion, single women, you will feel a pang of envy. Lance Sullivan is the man we dream of snagging. He’s fine, God-fearing, and rich. Very rich. Mia’s life seems picture perfect with Lance and their beautiful four kids. But as the movie progresses, and we discover that Mia is battling a terminal illness, we are reminded of how superficial worldly possessions are. You can’t take it with you. And what becomes more apparent is that Lance’s best quality as a husband is not his wallet, rather, his deep unflinching love for his wife. It is an earth shattering love, the kind that outlasts time, and it’s the kind of love that we single woman should want for ourselves. Nothing less. Good looks and money are nice, but having someone who will truly love you through life’s ups and downs, particularly through sickness and health is where it’s at.

The Best Man Holiday



In an age where people get together based on looks and compatible resume’s, it’s easy to get caught up in the superficial aspects of romance. I think a great partnership encourages the other person to realize their highest self. Lance is a great provider, but he has a short temper. That we witnessed firsthand in the first movie when he grabbed Harper (Taye Diggs) by the collar and nearly threw him over the balcony. In the sequel, there are several scenes that illustrate how his wife Mia eases his temper, and encourages him to be a more compassionate and considerate man. She holds his hand as he walks with God.  She is his rock. A lot of times single women focus on what there is to gain from a great spouse, but this movie will force you to consider what you  have to offer?

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The Best Man ends on a high note. Lance and Mia wed. Harper get’s engaged and Julian falls in love with the exotic dancer who gave him the best lap dance of his life. Most romantic comedies and fairy tales end with a wedding and you assume that they all lived happily ever after. But after the wedding comes the big stuff. Financial hardship. Career lows. Health issues. Kids. In-Laws. Incriminating videos on Youtube (watch the movie). In the Best Man Holiday, the characters have been married for close to ten years and circumstances are testing their faith in God and each other.  Watching this glamorous cast tackle real-world issues is eye opening for the single woman considering a match.  Your man may look good in a suit, but is he the man you want by your side when shit hits the fan?



In The Best Man, Harper’s  semi-autobiographical debut novel Unfinished Business resurrects old secrets, and forces every character to deal with past. Lance must come to terms with the fact that his bride to be slept with the best man. Jordan must deal with fact that her chance with Harper has passed. And Julian must find the courage to move on from his girlfriend since college. When the characters reunite in The Best Man Holiday, we learn that the business of the past is still unfinished, and the characters can’t move forward until they honestly confront their issues with one another. As single women, it’s so easy to hold onto old heartbreaks and even old flames. All of us have one or two reappearing men in our lives who can always sniff out when we’re vulnerable and pounce. The Best Man Holiday will encourage you to let go, forgive, and move on to something greater.

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I think the reason audiences connected with the cast of The Best Man is because they have great chemistry on-screen. They seem like real friends. I’ve always been one to keep my circle tight, but at the end of the day, whether you are married or not, it’s a beautiful thing to have someone to laugh with and an extra shoulder to cry on.

The Best Man Holiday


Un momento mas: As I was driving home, heart still heavy #safespace #nojudgement, this song came on the radio, and I was done.

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