It’s Not Picasso, Baby: Artist Reveals Unique Jay-Z Statue


Sculptor Daniel Edwards, an artist who specializes in provocative depictions of celebrities, created a statue of Jay Z surrounded by Care Bears titled “Jay Z Cares and Shares.”

It’s a timely sculpture. These days Jay Z  is trying to prove that he indeed “cares and shares” after catching flak for continuing his inspired collection at Barneys amid the department store’s recent racial profiling scandal. In a statement, the rapper announced he will continue his partnership with the controversial store, in addition to taking a leadership role with a council on race relations. Another change, all the proceeds will now go to his charity,the Shawn Carter Foundation.

Rapper Jay Z has come under public scrutiny for refusing to yank his merchandise from Barneys New York after the department store's recent racial profiling scandal.

“He defended future college funds by standing up to the criticism,” the sculptor wrote in a press release.

“Jay Z is an entertainer, not a civil rights activist,” he continued. It’s funny though, there was a time when those titles weren’t mutually exclusive.

Edwards dedicated the work to the rapper’s Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, which provides college funding for students.


Edwards’ most recent piece was a nude statue of pregnant Kim Kardashian titled “L.A. Fertility.” Visitors to the exhibit were encouraged to rub the Kardashian replica’s belly for good luck on their next sex tape.


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