10 Black Actresses Up for Spot On SNL

Slideshow: 10 actresses rumored to be SNL hopefuls

According to Hollywood insiders over at Deadline.com, SNL executive producer Lorne Micheals invited at least 10 young Black actresses to audition for a featured spot on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. If one is selected, they would be the first African-American cast member in 5 years, since Maya Rudolph’s departure. Michaels may be scouting Black women to reform SNL’s image after coming under fire for lack of diversity the cast, especially after Black cast member Kenan Thompson blurted out that Black female comedians simply weren’t good enough.  As it stands, the fraternity of white writers create sketches that largely omit Black women, but on the occasion that a Black woman is required, Kenan is quick to don a dress.



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