Homeless Couple Says School Won’t Enroll Their 10-Year Old Son


A Florida couple says they’re homeless and having a hard time getting their child enrolled in school, now they want answers.

“We just had problems from Day One,” said Ashley, who’s engaged to the 10-year-old’s father.

She said after the boy moved from Georgia to Jacksonville over the holidays, she and the child’s father became homeless.

“I lost my job and I’ve had to stay with some family and friends,” Ashley said. “We’re trying to get back on our feet, and I don’t think a child should suffer because of the parents trying to get on their feet.”

Ashley said she explained her situation to the school district last week to see if she could enroll the boy. She said according to a letter from the district dated Jan. 9, based on the McKinney Vento Act, the boy is considered homeless and should be enrolled immediately.

But Ashley said that’s not the response she gets from Carter G. Woodson Elementary School. Since Thursday, Ashley said she and the child’s father have been unsuccessful getting the boy enrolled.

“The principal is never available to speak to us,” she said. “We’ve asked to speak to her multiple times, but the woman in the office, Ms. Thomas, says that she’s not available and she is not going to enroll him until we speak with the principal.”

“Who’s in control? Is it the school board or the school?” she added.

The law requires  Duval County schools to serve homeless students. There are 1,240 homeless students in Duval County.

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