Ghana Clinic Encourages Women to Inseminate Themselves with European Sperm, $3000 a Pop

We’ve seen the  damning psychological  effects of European colonialism. We know that it has prompted an obsession with colorism, and caste systems, both real and imagined. We know that conquered people bought into to the tale of pale superiority, good hair and fine features. We know that in parts of the world, advertisements for bleaching creams promise romantic and professional success.  In other parts of the world, long hair retails for a king’s ransom. And in certain instances the influence of so-called European racial “science” results in civil war, as is the case with Rwandan Genocide.

But we haven’t seen anything like this just yet.  According to reports, samples of coveted European sperm are selling for $3,000 a pop in Ghana.

Capitalizing on the  rising popularity of artificial insemination, proprietors of a new fertility clinic in Accra are promoting a novel venture, the creation of “Half-Caste World” that revolves around Ghana.  Advocates of this enterprise believe the creation of a bi-racial ethnic identity positions Africa for a better future.

Take a look at the front page of the website.

“Half-caste World is founded to transform Africa into the land of riches and beauty, the land of every man’s dream. We believe life began in African and will end in Africa,” the company posted on their Facebook page.

Although the advocate of this campaign has not revealed his identity, investigations conducted by point to one Augustine N.K. Boateng, who has been operating for 4 months out of Accra.


The investigation revealed that Boateng provides gametes from almost all nationalities including the UK and the US at a cost of 3,000 US Dollars upwards, depending on the process and the individual’s request. There are questions about how gametes are procured, the insemination procedure and even the regulatory regime. Boateng claims that the procedure to insert the “gametes can be done both in a clinic and at home.”

“A new world has began and it is like the tide, you either swim along or get left behind. You too can be a blessing for the next generation,” the entrepreneur posted on Facebook.

He said he prides himself on giving women and couples off-spring with “mental and physical beauty”.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with conceiving mixed-race children, but it seems as if the women involved have come to despise Black male sperm.

There is a word for the practice of altering the genetic quality of a population through the promotion of reproduction with people of desired traits. It’s called eugenics.

As grotesque as it may sound, history is peppered with numerous instances of eugenics,  both overt and covert, perhaps most famously for  the advancement of the Aryan race  in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Other global  instances have involved forced sterilization, genocide, birth control, and segregation. These brutal forms of eugenics, however,  are authoritarian, mandated by a government.

Promotional eugenics often arrive at the same outcome, but implement the softer sell.  Media images that promote biased standards of beauty and genetic superiority combine with discriminatory social and public  health policies in this quieter form of “improving” the race. Such is the case in several South American countries during the 19th century, namely Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.

Brazil’s “racial democracy” , the term used to denote a society that has escaped racial discrimination, was in actuality a comprehensive government program that promoted the continued miscegenation of the native, Black, and European populations in order to produce a mixed Brazilian meta-race, one that would ultimately become an integral part of Brazil’s modern national identity. Ultimately Brazil exported its exotic beauty ideal to the rest of the world, a move that resulted in a deluge of  Brazilian models and a tremendous boost to tourism.

Brazil viewed biological assimilation as a means of  conquering racism and elevating the country’s global standing, but there’s one problem. It didn’t end racism. It only served to further promote Nordic genetic superiority.  A recent UN panel reviewing race relations in Brazil concluded that Afro-Brazilians  “still suffer from structural, institutional and interpersonal racism.”

Which is what we see happening in this weird Ghana news story. A seemingly innocuous clinic wants to elevate Ghana’s world standing one European sperm  at a time, as if that practice in itself doesn’t reinforce notions of White Supremacy.

Of course time will tell. This strange clinic is only 4 months old, the website filled with stolen pictures, and the whole thing could be an elaborate scam after all.



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