Marijuana May Stop Spread of HIV (And the Secret Patent for an AIDS Cure)

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Several recent HIV studies explore radical approaches to eradicating the virus from the human body. Not too long ago, a Rutgers University study found that the drug Ciclopirox, an anti-fungal foot cream, completely destroys HIV in cell cultures. There’s even a little-known patent (conspiracy alert), that suggests HIV can be cured entirely with injections of tetrasilver tetroxide to the blood stream.

Now a new study has shown that regular marijuana use may significantly slow the spread of HIV in patients  by preserving critical immune tissue. Scientists at Louisiana State University report that the chronic intake of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, led to greater survival of T-cells in the rhesus monkeys used for the experiment.

As it turns out, some HIV/AIDS patients have already turned to medicinal marijuana for its appetite stimulating effects. We can only hope that this ground breaking research acquires the  funding and government support needed to introduce these healthcare options to HIV/AIDS patients in the near future.

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