Called It! Yaya DaCosta Cast as Whitney Houston in Upcoming Lifetime Biopic

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In breaking entertainment news, Yaya DaCosta Alafia will portray Whitney Houston is Lifetime’s upcoming biopic. The movie, directed by biopic legend Angela Basset, will  chronicle Whitney’s tumultuous relationship with R&B bad boy Bobby Brown, focusing on their early years,  1989 through 1994 (“One Moment in Time” to The Bodyguard). While many insiders are expressing their surprise at DaCosta’s selection, I am ecstatic because I (sort of) predicted it.

About a week ago, I wrote an article titled “Eight Actresses Who Could Play Whitney Houston in Lifetime’s Upcoming Biopic” and I mentioned Yaya in the piece, writing that “in terms of looks, DaCosta could be a dead ringer for a young Whitney Houston. There’s also something about her presence, a certain je ne sai quoi, that makes her a very convincing super star”. Yaya is not an established actress and this role could be make or break for her, but I trust that with Bassett’s guidance, she will deliver a convincing performance.

Considering that this movie will highlight Whitley’s formative years, only younger actresses were considered. Considering that, I also felt Tika Sumpter could be a big contender. Who knows? Perhaps she was. I’d love to find out all of the actresses who considered for this role.





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