Destiny’s Child Reunion Video Shot in Maplewood, NJ Debuts!

When I woke up on the morning of May 22 to news that Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Queen B herself were mere blocks away from my home the previous night shooting a music video, I was aghast! The reunited trio were in Maplewood, NJ the night of May 21st shooting a music video, and when word spread, there was a crowd of hundreds lining the Elmwood Avenue, hoping to  glimpse Beyonce. Here is a picture someone captured:


Now, the video is out! It  turns out the girls were reuniting for Michelle Williams video “Say Yes” , which features Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. You can see glimpses of the Maplewood shoot when the girls appear in front of a house, and the lawn scenes. Some people may wonder why the girls chose to reunite for a shoot in Maplewood, NJ. In addition to being an idyllic suburb, many artists and entertainment industry professionals have roots in the South Orange/ Maplewood area. Also, Jay-Z’s nephew, Colleek Luckie, who tragically passed away in a car accident back in 2005, grew up in South Orange (he was my classmate).

The song, featured below, is an upbeat Caribbean-inspired gospel song.  Hopefully the catchy tune, and buzz surrounding the video will broaden Williams’ fan base.


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