In Case You Missed Halle Berry’s Human Hampster Wheel


Not only is Halle Berry gorgeous, but she’s apparently a really good sport… and she’s totally okay with Jimmy Fallon looking up her dress. The 47-year-old actress appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night in a figure-hugging sheathe. She and  Fallon surprised the audience by performing a daring “human-hamster” wheel. The pair kicked off their shoes and took to a crash mat where  Fallon laid on his back and took hold of Berry’s ankles.

Do you know how many men would have given a big toe to be him at that moment?

The two took turns somersaulting over each other for about five revolutions before they crashed on to the mat. I’m not sure why the two pulled the stunt, but it didn’t look easy so I have to give my girl props.



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