What is Shade? The Best Jeopardy Clue Ever!

Let it be known that one of my favorite words in the English language is ‘umbrage’, simply because it’s a sophisticated way of saying shade. Nonetheless, on a recent episode of jeopardy we saw one of our favorite slang terms, ‘shade’, truly go mainstream. Alex Trebek asks the $1000 question: One term for talking trash about someone “throwing this”, like a big elm tree might do.

The answer: What is Shade?

Shade evolved as a slang term used primarily in the African-American gay community in phrases like “No T, no shade”, meaning “no disrespect”. In recent years, we’ve seen the ascendance of once underground slang into the everyday vernacular. We can attribute this to popular gay Reality TV and internet personalities, as well as the power of social media.

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