Get Ready For ‘The Best Man Wedding’


If any movie is a testament to the endurance of great characters, it’s The Best Man. For years, Malcolm D. Lee’s coming-of-age movie stood alone as a Black classic, the first in slew of Black rom-coms that ushered in the aughts. No one knows what compelled Hollywood to revisit the film after 15 years, but it was a smart move.

The Best Man Holiday, though quite the tearjerker, surpassed expectations, grossing $70 million, twice as much as the original film.

And now, as with any successful film, Hollywood’s going for a three-peat. Universal announced a sequel,  The Best Man Wedding, set for release April 15, 2016. According to the description, the gang returns to “celbrate the group’s most unexpected wedding to date.”

Holiday ended with Quinton, Terrence Howard’s Lothario character, announcing his engagement. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to find out if the lucky lady is indeed Shelby (Melissa DeSoussa) and (as I suspect) if Quinton is actually the father of her little girl!



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