WATCH: Ferguson Protesters ‘Disrupt’ St. Louis Symphony with Song for Mike Brown


It was a typical Saturday evening at the symphony, when rebellion crept through the walls of polite society in a magical way.  Patrons of the St. Louis  Symphony were shocked Saturday when  a flash mob of  demonstrators serenaded the audience with a song dedicated to slain teen Michael Brown.

This impromptu blend of artistry and activism took the audience by surprise, and good thing, because let’s face it, the audience was probably filled well-heeled Missourians who’ve done their best to avert their eyes from the civil unrest following Brown’s murder.

When Symphony musicians and chorus began Johannes Brahms’ Requiem following intermission, two audience members stood up and began singing “Which Side Are You On?” to the stunned attendees.

Fellow protestors stood up throughout Powell Symphony Hall and joined in the song as banners were unfurled from the balconies reading: “Racism live here,” and “Requiem for Michael Brown 1996-2014.”

To drive home the point of their protest, the singers added “justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all” into civil rights classic.

Some audience members applauded and nodded in silent agreement, while others looked on in horror. A man can even be heard in the video referring to Brown as a “thug”.

Following the performance, paper hearts inscribed with “Requiem for Michael Brown, May 20, 1996 – August 9 2014″ were dropped onto the crowd below and protesters left the theater chanting “Black lives matter.”

Saturday marked the 2 month anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager fatally shot by White  police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was originally stopped by police officers for walking, with his friends, in the middle of the street.


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