#BlackOutDay How To Keep Black Love Alive (Stunning Pics Included)


I’ve never been big on selfies. Not that I’m too modest, just too self conscious to hold a camera that close to my face  and snap a candid shot. I’m the first person to confess that I didn’t wake up like this.

In spite of those  hang ups,  I couldn’t resist posting a selfie for  #BlackOutDay, aka the day that Blackness broke the internet.

In case  you were logged off, #BlackOutDay was a day-long  internet event in which people of African descent flooded various social media channels with positive images of Black individuals. But #BlackOutDay wasn’t about vanity. The deluge of beautiful images managed to transcend the  narcissism that has come to define our selfie generation.

In 1982, Jesse Jackson famously encouraged Blacks to “keep hope alive”, but if there is to be any hope, we must also, fiercely, keep love alive.

THIS is Black love. I realized that as every “like” my selfie received felt like a warm hug. Most of these virtual daps were from other Black women, many of whom I’d never met.  The experience was incredibly affirming, and as the girl who often finds herself rooting for the Black contestant in the beauty pageant, and the lone Black dancer in the corps de ballet, it was refreshing to see the Black community collectively affirm one another on a global stage.

Selfies embody self-love. Just as Narcissus gazed into his watery reflection, we gaze into the lense. In the ancient myth, self-love lead to self-destruction, but I’m realizing that this phenomena of loving yourself, publicly, can be quite constructive. I’m a firm believer that self-love is the precursor to romantic love, and ultimately brotherly love. Feelings of inadequacy are the ultimate roadblock on the  path to love.

As Maya Angelou once profoundly stated:

 If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.

Maya Angelou


What’s next? Maybe #BlackLoveDay ? I’m here for it.


 With that, enjoy these stunning images from #BlackOutDay.



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