Stunning Photos From #BlackOutDay


So many brilliant displays of Black love,

from this gorgeous family…


and  mother daughter duo,

to these #BlackBesties at the University of Virginia. 

Warning, some pictures are capable of inducing serious womb fire.

Like this precious baby boy in his little kufiya.

So many cute #BrownBabies

My ovaries…

But #BrownBabies aside,  most  #BlackOutDay photos are simply Black folk being fly….


…serving Cookie Lyon realness,


and slaying haters folks who say Black girls can’t do  red lips.


I wonder if my #BlackBesties are up for this.

Oh, nah?

Okay cool. At least I can watch these two kill it on the beach.

Blackness on fleek…

Fro on fleek…

Freckles on fleek.

Locks on fleek.


Did I mention there were men? Fine men too, like the brothers from Dormtainment. (Doesn’t this look like a clip from a Spike Lee joint?)


  Thiss brother has the right approach to life…

And this beautigul man is a reminder to single ladies that Mr. Right might be on the other side of the Atlantic.
Good God.


Laurenz Tate, all these years later, still brother to the night.


The beautifully androgynous B. Scott.




Some of used #BlackOutDay to make  subtle social statements. #BlackLivesMater

Because pride is pretty.


And Black excellence is enchanting.

Conscious art.


Africa, stand up.


Channeling the Masai…

…and  the Ndebele.


Black sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of…


Because the blacker the berry…


the sweeter the juice.



Or rather…the blacker the college, the sweeter the knowledge. #HBCU



Seriously, screw colorism.


And stay flexin your complexion.


Because Black is beautiful…


And so is Black hair….



Even when the powers that be suggest otherwise.



Our beauty is more than a fetish…



more than a trend….



… and more than a type.




I don’t have enough s’ to give this a sufficient yasssss……


So this pretty much sums it up.




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