10 Reasons (in GIFs) I’m Watching Patti LaBelle on Dancing With the Stars

Legendary songstress Patti Labelle is set to appear on this season’s Dancing With The Stars and I’m here for it. From watching her on Out All Night and A Different World as a kid, to playing “If Only You Knew” on repeat,  I love me some Patti.


And I love dance, so the fact that these two passions are coming together means the universe must be on my side.

Let me admit,  I think Patti is above Dancing With The Stars. She is neither a washed-up celebrity, reality star, nor retired athlete. At 70 years old, the original Lady Marmalade is still in her prime, shattering notes, flinging shoes and snatching edges at every opportunity.

And that’s why, in spite of my initial  reservations, I’m looking forward to watching Miss Patti  show the world her signature moves. I already know she’s going to show up to show out.

Here are ten others reasons why I’ll be tuning in.

10. As a former ballerina, I can’t wait to  see Miss  Patti toss her shoes and  tombe pas de burree across the stage  like she did this one time at the Apollo.



9.  And I know she’ll find a way to work the wing-flap into the Argentine Tango.



8. Because with those legs, her cha-cha is going to be fierce…

patti9b patti9a


7. Though I’m hoping that when she fox trots to “Lady Marmalade”,  she and her partner Artem Chigvintsevt work this move, and this WIG,  into the routine.



7. Because I know that after her hip-hop routine, the bankhead bounce is making a comeback. (and prayerfully the butterfly will follow)




6. And when  Miss Patti jumps in the air and drops to her knees with the finesse of an Ailey dancer, I plan on getting my whole entire life.



5. And if during her rumba to “Somebody Loves You Baby” she rolls across the stage like this, please resuscitate.




… Because,  seriously,  I’ll be right there on the ground with her like, “girl, bye”.



4. Because Miss Patti has actually been practicing her jive routine since the 80’s. patti8



3. And I know that she’s going to dance until there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, left to give.



2. But in spite of her magnificence, Carrie Ann Inaba will try it, and I can’t wait for Miss Patti’s reaction when she does. She just may be the sultana of shade.


1. Only to be outdone by her expression of gratitude after the other judges give her 10’s.

pattigif2And yes, I’m going to be rejoicing with her!

Season 20 of Dancing with the Stars debuts Monday March 17th at 8 PM on ABC. I’ll be watching for the first time since season 1.



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