14352355_10101316315485014_402971150446243829_o  Nina Mosley. Whitley Gilbert. Jacqueline Broyer.

Thats about right… I’d like to think I’m a fierce mix of all three fictional women–a creative spirit with a penchant for words and a passion for love.

I am a poet, writer and tech-entrepreneur based in the greater New York City area. My greatest motivation is exploring the boundless possibilities that may occur when two souls connect.

In January of 2016, a week after a milestone birthday, I published Smoke: Poems of Love, Longing and Ecstasy, my debut anthology of love poetry, inspired by the profound romantic highs and lows I experienced in my twenties. Smoke is lyrical, soulful and candid, and if you dig poetry, neo-soul, spoken-word, or just a damn good love story, you’ll enjoy it.

I am currently completing my first novel, a romantic suspense  based on the character Layla Knight, an ambitious small town reporter who, in her quest for the truth, finds herself sleeping with the enemy.  The events of this steamy whodunit are inspired by real news stories I encountered as cub reporter in Jacksonville, Florida. For previews, be sure to get on my private list. 

I am also the creator of “Women Love Power“,  a digital community that helps women acquire real power, in life and love, by leveraging their unique feminine strengths.  I frequently write and speak on the subjects of feminine power, seduction, and the intersection of race, class and gender. In accordance with my platform, and my life-long affair with dance,  in May 2017 I launch two movement classes for women– Viva La Femme, an afro-latin fusion experience where women can let loose and explore their sensuality, and P.O.P. , a class that teaches women how to control their pelvic floor, and harness sacral energy. 

 Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge, I worked as a TV news reporter in Jacksonville, Florida and the New York City market. I’ve also covered the economy and entrepreneurship for CNBC, Arise News and a variety of online and digital news outlets. 

I earned my bachelors degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Yale University. 

Off paper… Love Jones is my favorite movie. I listen to the Isley Brothers just about every night, particularly when I’m anxious or dealing with writers block. I’m obsessed with New Jack Swing era movies, music and fashion. I’m a night owl and an introvert. I enjoy antiquing; I collect vintage party dresses, tea ware and jewelry.  I studied classical ballet intensively for many years and still love to work it out on the dance floor. These days I’m all about african, afro-cuban and salsa! I wear black just about all of the time and wouldn’t know what to do without my ruby red lipstick. 

Let’s keep in touch.

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Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to see you again!