The following poems are selections from “Smoke: Poems of Love, Longing & Ecstasy”, available for purchase via Amazon in e-book and paperback.
Vibrations on a Hardwood Floor
He told me his fingers could get trapped in my roots.
And he wasn’t speaking of my family tree.
I was his sugar rum cherry
 Syrupy treat
 And so bitter sweet.
He said I spoke in verse
and giggled in rhyme.
 He said I reminded him of a tune
Too elusive to recall.
 My body was inspiration
 that he could not transcribe.
 So he made it a point to
Commit me
in all my dimensions
to memory.
He became trapped in these roots.
Just as  I feared.
I was his a-
His a(hhh)
His af(firmation)
 His Afr(ica)
His afro
By Ayesha K. Faines copyright 2016

Apocalyptic Madness


Because the world could be ending

And the earth is trembling

And we’re buying time

On credit cards and loans

Lets love

We haven’t anytime to waste

This is a matter of right

And now

As the minutes

And moments

And hours

Wind down

I need for you to be down

With loving me.

Like this is your last opportunity.

To walk toward eternity

To make time spin.

Even if we are close to the end.

Lets love.

Because we all can hear the vibrations

Of flat lines breaking

And ancient mosques are vacant

Lets fall on our knees praying

That peace will come our way

As we approach our final day

And lets love.

Let us prune a friendship

Entwine the limbs of our family tree

In 24 hours time

Because the numbers are draining

And sisters are complaining

That love stopped loving me

So brother, I need you, in this instance,

To not be so picky

And let’s love.

Let’s create

Before it gets too late

Because the man at the station

Is preaching revelations

And his kangol hat has a few dollars

And very little cents

Lets love.

Because the Levant is in flames

And democracy in vain

And leaders are chain smoking

In an opium den

Let’s love.

Because a Black Prince has come

And hope was spun

Into an American dream

Then all that ish Nostradamus said

Must be

So baby

Let’s love.

And because history has been discovered

And new stuff


That isn’t really new at all

Because cities are sinking

And Empires


And fall

Let’s love

If the calendar days are scarce

And holidays are false

Let’s have a holy day of our own

We don’t need a preacher

Or justice of the peace

You don’t even have to marry me.

(Now you know I’m tripping)

As mothers cry out

And racists sink tea

Lets love.

look at me.

Hear me.

Love is the only gladness

Amidst this apocalyptic madness

The only thing that makes sense

Our only glimpse of


And because the world could be


Lets love.

Ayesha K. Faines copyright 2016